How to build a wonky playhouse

A childrens playhouse with a difference. Your kids will love this wonky playhouse. They are a lot of fun to build too. Just follow the step by step plans.

These unique whimsical outdoor children’s playhouses are not cheap to buy. But they are to build. To build one you just need to brush up on your geometry skills. Basically, the childrens playhouses are put together with irregular trapezoids and pentagons.

If you can’t picture what you need to do, download the free wonky playhouse preview plans – that’ll help! Start with two pentagon shaped panels to use as the front and back of your childrens playhouse. Two more identical trapezoid panels will be uses as the side, and two more identical trapezoid panels for the roof. Of course, what really makes a wonky shaped playhouse look great are the wonky windows, crooked door, and bright cartoon colours. You can also put offset porches and chimneys too.

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