Playhouse s

Playhouse s come in all shapes and sizes.

But none are as fun as a wonky playhouse s.

Children’s faces light up when they see them – there’s just something in them that really catches their imagination.

But the trouble is, people shy away from building them . This is madness because they easy to build once you’ve got your head around a few simple shapes.

A wonky playhouse is no different to a normal playhouse.

It’s just that:

The front and the end are made of a pentagon.

The sides are made from identical trapeziums.

Don’t worry, I didn’t know what a trapezium was too. It’s just a square pushed over to one side. The only thing that counts is that two of its side are parallel.

The roof panels also made up of two identical trapeziums.

Once you have that concept in your head, making a childrens wonky playhouse is easy.

Don’t forget – there’s only one thing kids love more than playhouse s. And that’s playhouse s their folks made!
And here’s a quick youtube so you can see how easy they are to make.

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